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Our mission is to create a world where access to health has no limitations.
Starting and empowering those who need it most: Patients.

Our Story



It was a much longer process than it should have been.


The original idea grew with the pandemic when we realized how difficult it is to have your medical data organized and shared when you need it.


I had already gone through several experiences and heard the same stories from several people, but now the sense of urgency requires a quick solution to help people, that’s why Xingu Health was created and will now make our XINGU4H app available.



Simone Azevedo, Co-founder and CEO at Xingu Health Inc.

This is our story. What’s yours?


Simone Azevedo


Co-Founder and CEO, with over 25 years of experience in healthcare leading global commercial teams, patient services and humanitarian programs.


“My inspiration to create this company comes from my personal experience as a patient and, above all, an interaction with a family in Sudan while they were seeking help for their baby. They lost their baby with a rare genetic disease and were heartbroken thinking they could lose their oldest son as well – until we connected them with a lab in Argentina where they confirmed the boy didn’t have the disease. This has transformed the way I see access to healthcare”.

Henk Schuring


Co-founder, with a solid background in Strategic Regulatory on the biotech space and also leading global commercial teams for more than 25 years.


“Patients are my inspiration. Regularly when I talk with patients with rare and chronic diseases, they talk about their odyssey to get diagnosis and/or access to treatment. Some of them have journeys of more than 10 years to get diagnosed while having signs and symptoms. I truly believe that helping patients to get access to early diagnosis and treatment could improve their lives and the lives of their caregivers. To achieve this we need to have empowered patients”.

Eduardo Azevedo


Co-founder and CIO, with a life-time experience in IT as a computer engineer, developing platforms used in more than 10 countries and leading global team.


“My motivation to build this company comes from knowing that our technology, used in a simple way, can help people to manage one of their most important assets, their own health”.


Maria Beatriz Zerbini


CFO and PhD in Economics with 17+ years of experience as Business Analyst in the USA. In Brazil, lectured in MBA Business schools and was a research economist at an investment bank.


“Simone understands very well the patients’ difficulties in managing their health. She is innovative and cares greatly about inclusion, and so, I got excited about the product she created. The solution is digital, but the purpose is humanistic.”

Advisors & Collaborators

Guilherme Starling


12+ years of experience in Commercial and Business Development roles leading complex and technical sales while also leading contract negotiations.


“When Simone invited me to help, I immediately accepted both because of my admiration for her and also inspired by the idea of working with a meaningful purpose and aiming to positively impact the lives of so many people that do not have access to an efficient and effective healthcare”.

Tyler Tanaka


Physical therapist with experience in outpatient orthopedics, working with patients of all ages and skill levels, from elderly people with mobility problems to professional athletes.


“My inspiration comes from the disconnect between patient, physical therapist, physician, and other members of the interdisciplinary team. By empowering patients and being as efficient as possible in communication, we can transform the way we deliver healthcare and rehabilitation.”

Alice Barreto


More than 27 years of experience as a psychiatrist, adding 17 years of child and adolescent psychiatry in the Netherlands and 10 years of psychiatry in Brazil.


“I believe patients should be more active on the shared decision-making process and management of their health and quality of life. I want to give patients more autonomy and support them in raising their voice and taking control of their medical records.”

Tobias Starling


Over 8 years of experience with Market Intelligence structuring and leading departments focused on data in Brazilian companies


“The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the many disparities in health worldwide, which has made me rethink my career. When the opportunity to work with Patient Health Bank presented itself, I knew it was the inspiration I needed to work towards a better tomorrow.”

Claudia Mattos


More than 16 years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, leading operations and marketing projects. Expertise in the development of diagnostic processes to accelerate the identification of patients with rare genetic diseases.


“What inspires me is to help patients gain better control over their medical data. I hope patients will get answers to their treatment challenges and improve their overall well-being.”

Monica Sa Rego


Physician anesthesiologist with 30 years of experience as a clinician and hospital administration in the US and Brazil.


“I believe health care must be patient centered. The current model of medical record keeping does not provide patients free and prompt access to their health information. Patients should own their medical data to facilitate their active participation in their health care.”