Joana, 32 y.o.

Joana had her first baby: Filipe was born with 3.850g and 42cm. He looks just like his father! Within 3 weeks, Joana was told that Filipe needed the BCG vaccine as soon as he turned 1 month old. Therefore, she scheduled their first pediatric appointment.

Now the Family moved to a different town and Filipe needs a new pediatrician. In the new clinic, they already use Xingu, so Joana only needed to grant permission for the clinic to be able to access Filipe’s medical history. All in just one click!

Joana has already prepared a list of questions for the new pediatrician, because she wants Filipe to attend daycare after he turns 7 months old and she wants to make sure everything is fine.

Filipe took his first steps at 11 months and a half and Joana made a note to tell his pediatrician next time.

The pediatrician is doing a survey to know which parents are putting their children in an organic diet. Joana has answered the survey through Xingu and in the next appointment they are going to talk about the importance of a healthy diet and brushing Filipe’s teeth.

Filipe started to play soccer and bumped his head. The pediatrician said it’s probably nothing, but will reach out in 3 days through Xingu to see how he is doing. She asked Joana to take notes on everything that happens in the meantime.

Now Joana has another topic to write a note on in Xingu: Filipe is getting a brother! Lucas will be here soon!