Pedro, 81 y.o.

Pedro had been having memory lapses, which worried his son and daughters. Not long after, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer.

They’re all users of Xingu and decided to coordinate and share everything about their father’s health through the app. Every medical appointment will be registered, and all the doctors will be granted access to Pedro’s history.

Pedro Junior will be responsible for making all medical appointments.

Moreover, they will all have access to their father’s health information and will be able to keep track on his treatment.

Pedro asked to go back to his farm, which is his favorite place in the world. Thanks to Xingu, he can live closer to the nature and still be connected to all his doctors at the same time.

Claudia, the youngest, will be responsible for managing all medications.

Ana, the oldest, will be responsible for making notes in the diary.

Now, his 3 kids want to take care of their father’s health with all the affection and attention he deserves.