Teenage Years


Davi, 17 y.o.

Davi loves and plays basketball since he was a child. When he was 13 years old, he started playing in local tournaments and now he even plays in the nationals. During last years’ basketball season, Davi severely injured his ankle and couldn’t play the last 2 games of the season.

Due to his injury, Davi had to see a physiotherapist. Dr. Samantha uses Xingu to take care of all her patients.

Through Xingu, Davi was able to make it clear to Dr. Samantha that his biggest goal with physical therapy was to be able to play in the upcoming basketball season, within 6 months.

Aware of Davi’s goal, Dr. Samantha was able to tailor her treatment to heal Davi’s ankle in time for him to be able to play in the next season. To reach Davi’s goal within the tight time frame, Dr. Samantha and Davi decided to track the treatment’s progress on a daily basis through Xingu.

Everyday, after repeating the series of physical therapy exercises, Davi informs in the app whether he felt any pain and the two of them share videos of proposed exercises and of him executing them to make sure the movements are being executed correctly.

By using Xingu, Davi was able to heal his ankle in 5 months and is now able to get back to basketball in time for the upcoming season.